Meeting request statying unread even after viewing the meeting on iPhone 5 or even on laptop.

With the IOS6, even if I view any meeting request, they still show as unread, now I'm forced to send a response for the meetings. Since I have the mailbox exchange setup on phone as well as on my laptop, some time I end sending reponses more than once. Also even if I have read the meeting on my latop, then to the meeting request stays unread on the iPhone. Can some one please help me turn of the response for meeting request from my Iphone.


Ted, I'm not sure what to suggest but, one of the trouble shooting tasks I would do is try the wifi at another location. Starbucks or another coffee house the offers free wifi. You need to narrow down the problem. Is it the phone or something else? My guess is that your wifi works fine with other devices. That doesn't mean there isn't a problem with your wifi. Maybe configuring the wifi different would help. Could be a lot of issue. Get back to us on what happens at the coffee shop. If your phone exhibits the same symptoms it is probably the phone.