MBA 2012 - Mavericks; WiFi will not scan

I have experienced this problem through the developer previews through to the currnet release.
When se;ecting Wifi form the menu bar, I get a drop down liat as expected.
Occasionally it will scan for networks once, most of the time it doesnt. If i keep the list down with networks it can see it does not rescan as it should do.
If I choose 'Join other networks' and show networks the box is empty and it still does not scan.
Any ideas?
I've carried out fresh install from scratch, still have the prob


williain wrote:
Personally, I've had success using the configuration generated by wifi-menu, but modifying it to use a static IP address.  After wifi-menu failed, IIRC I used 'netctl start [profile]' to start the generated profile and observe the errors which suggested it was having trouble using DHCP to get an IP address (or I may have had to use 'netctl status [profile]' to see them, I forget), then just tweaked the file using vi and got it to work (hurrah for the Arch way!)
Now I use systemd to bring it up at boot, as I mostly use that machine without a display connected, and ssh in to it.  Touch wood, that's always worked for me (except when the router has crashed, then I need to hook up the display and manually connect, but thankfully that's relatively rare)
That is a good use case for systemd: headless. Wifi-menu has been really good for me, however once in a while, I have had to delete the netctl entry and rerun wifi-menu to make a working one. Note sure why.
In the case where your headless box will not connect to the network, I would like to play with using a serial connection to the headless box. I guess it would be an USB to serial connection. On the R Pi and BBB, I used a funny little USB to serial pigtail like thing, with 'screen" I think it was.  Worked really well I thought.