Material Valuation History Details

Hi All,
I have a query on Material Valuation history table.
In the present scenario, a Material master is created in the year 1955 & lot of Material Movements has happened for this material from 1995 to till date.
But if I drill down for the history of this Materialu2019s valuation inĀ  u201CMBEWHu201D table I was able to history details only from the year 1998.
I was not able to find any history of valuation for this material between the periods 1995 u2013 1997.
What could be the possible reason for this ?
To capture the Valuation History, is there any settings which could have activated after 1997.
Murali Mani


MBEWH table came with 4.5 release .In earlier releases the history records were stored among the normal records in MBEW.
See OSS note 193554