Manage commission from agent

Hi all,
I have a problem. Please see the following scenario:
- The agent (A) ships goods to customers (B), but A can not issue service invoice to B.
- A delegates another company (C) to issue invoice to B.
- C will issue invoice to B and receive commission from A.
- A will pay commission for C.
The quesion is how C use SAP to:
- Issue invoices to B.
- Collect commission value extracted from invoices amount (%).
- Issue invoices to A based on commission value.
Does anyone know the way SAP solve this scenario. Please help me!


Hi Thi,
       You can take it as third party Scenario.
As per you r terminalogy,
    1. You take C is company which is using SAP
     2. You create A as Vendor for C company.
     3. You Create B as Customer of C Company.
     4. You create Material master for goods which you are shipping from Vendor (Agent) A.
     5.  You take Itemcategory group BANS in Material master Sales org data 2.
       You define Item category and assign itemcategory for the Sales document.
For more details go through the link bellow
I hope it will help you,