Making programs for nokia phones which have symbian operating system

I want to make program for nokia phones.I wrote a program for pc general application and i want to change it for mobile phones. Please inform me about how to make program for mobile phones step by step?
thanks for your replies.


If your PC application is in java and suitable for the limitations of CLDC / MIDP, I really don't see any barrier -- of course, you may have to sacrifice much of the layout and possibly some of the functionality. Hard to say without knowing exactly what you have in mind.
Simple core java classes require no conversion and can be adopted into your mobile app. MIDlet is the basic application class, roughly (only roughly) corresponding to Applet for larger platforms.
So... I'm assuming that you're already reasonably famililar with the java language and syntax, and have a worked with a code editor and / or IDE. If that is the case, I would suggest you download and install NetBeans (if you don't already have it) and work through some of the mobility tutorials.
The javadocs for jsr-118 (included with NB) will also help. More complete docs and code samples are available in plenty, google java j2me CLDC MIDP sample codes.
For Nokia-specific features, you may want to download the Nokia SDK and integrate it into NetBeans. Series 60 SDK 2.0 for Symbian OS is available at
(and many other places)
But I strongly recommend that you focus on device-independent applications, and use device-specific features only where absolutely necessary.
Hey - I'd never used java before (I do have experience in various other programming languages) and I had a centimetre-inch convertor up and running on my Motorola handset just 2 days after installing NetBeans.
You know java, you may do better :-)
All the best, Darryl
Note: Download WTK 2.5 separately and integrate into NetBeans, the WTK 2.2 which comes bundled with NB has a few bugs :-(