Making borders of tiny holes for tearing

I have a page with 6 receipts side by side (see attached image). I want it to be possible for my client to tear each receipt out so I want the printers I am sending the image to, to make a border of tiny holes around each receipt.
How should  I indicate to the printer in Illustrator where the tiny holes should be?
I have indicated it faintly (see attached image) with dots, but I don't want the printers to print these dots but rather to create tiny holes in place of them.
Many, many thanks for your time,


Draw the perforation lines as ordinary stroked, unfilled paths on a separate layer . There is no need for them to be dots. A printing house is going to use either an on-press perforation "tape" or (better) a separate operation on a different machine. The hole size and frequency are going to be functions of the printing house's hardware, not anything you build into the file. Your purpose in drawing them on the page is just to indicate location.
Name the layer PERFORATIONS. Be sure to inform the printer you have done this. (There is no industry-standard procedure for communicating perfs, scores, folds, die-cuts in a file. So clear communication with the printing house is paramount.)