MacBook reformat issue

Hi, apologies in advance if this is the wrong message board.
I am trying to help a friend with his daughters macbook.  I am not particularly savvy with Apple products, having kept to my windows system.
This particular macbook, 2010 model i believe, had an issue with its hard drive, the drive was ultimately replaced, as no OS ever came with the computer she is struggling with how to get it working.
I felt certain that if she purchased it new, then she of course has the rights to whichever version of OS came with it.  But the question is how to get it back on there?
I have read many articles on here and other websites.  I read about holding command, option and R and triggering some kind of online restore, but nothing happens when i try this.  A friend gave me a disc that is supposed to be a restore disc for MAC OS X, we are not sure this is the right OS, which gets me into OS X Utilities, however when i try to install OS X, I get a message saying that it was "unable to download additional components needed to install MAC OS X"  I did have the wireless active before doing this.
If it were a PC I would have it sorted by now, I am sure it cant be this hard.  Hoping somebody on here can point me in the right direction.
Thanks for reading


The 2010 model was the last macbook and shipped with OS install discs for OS X 10.6.3. If she bought the mac new she got those discs, of she doesn't have them she needs to replace them. You can contact Apple support at 1-800-MY APPLE and request a set of original discs. Discs from another model mac will not install, that's probably the case with the disc you've borrowed.
You can also purchase a retail OS X disc from Apple for $19.99 here
Here are the full specs for that macbook -13-polycarbonate-unibody-mid-2010-specs.html