Macbook Pro - What Equipment do I need to hook my Macbook to Speakers?

Hi Everyone!
I was asked to be in charge of music at my Aunts Wedding Shower in a few weeks, I was going to make Playlists on my Macbook Pro, I just need to know what type of equipment I need.  I will prob rent a speaker from a music store, but is there a specific plug in I need? Or some sort of mini switch board that connects from the laptop to the speaker? Or a cable?? please advise
Its going to be held in a banquet hall for about 90 people...
Hope to hear from someone soon!


Your Macbook Pro can not fully provide enough sound for a banquet hall unless you're using speakers with a built in AMP.
Here's what you do - get a normal AMP or Receiver and connect your speakers on the audio out of the AMP/Receiver.  Now with the image you see below - connect the 1/8" jack to your headphone jack of your Macbook Pro and connect the RCA jacks in the Line In or AUX in of the AMP/Receiver - on your AMP/Receiver, there is a selector in from that selects CD/PHONO/Line in - select Line in so you can hear the sound/music from your Macbook Pro.
It is however, much better to use a Mixer as Adam93T states.  But you will need more cables unless you use a mixer with it's own AMP built in.
Good luck