Macbook Air Mavericks cannot play video in ANY presentation application

Long ago, last year to be exact, I had a Macbook Pro 2009, with Open Office and MS Office older versions installed. They played embedded videos in both Impress and Powerpoint PERFECTLY.
This year I bought a Macbook Air and installed Open Office 4.1.0 and MS Office 2011. Now I cannot play any of the videos in these presentations.
I attempted to make new presentations and re-embed the videos. They play in Powerpoint fine ONCE, then not again. They do not embed at all in Open Office. The videos are all MP4 files.
This does not appear to be either a Microsoft or Open Office issue. To me this is clearly because of my upgrades. This is extremely frustrating, as I am a college professor and need to be able to use these programs without a problem. I also use presentations in my creative work.
Each time I find one more thing that I can no longer do with my new machine, I love Apple a little less. I hope someone can help.


I don't understand what your point is. If I have 15 minutes to edit the post, then I should have been able to edit the post 1 minute after posting it.
It is now 24 hours later - long past 15 minutes.