Mac Halo (PowerPC) problems on my MacBook Pro

I double-click on the app and then a setup window pops upLaunch Halo, the opening screen pops up (bluish screen with 'Halo' on it) but then after a few seconds it flikers then crashes unlike most other people who are able to actually PLAY before it crashes.
I have tried:
-Installing Halo on the home administrator account.
-Uninstalling then reinstalling Halo (Delete folder from Applications, Documents and deleted Halo preferences)on that account.
-Logged into a different user account and reinstalled Halo.
-Logged into a different user account and tried playing Halo.
-Reinstalled Quicktime.
-Repaired permissions before and after installation.
Previously posted by Infinity_Now (May 2, 2006) in the forums iMac G5>Using your iMac G5:
"When I click on the Halo icon, installed into my home on an administrator account it opens the settings window. As I have for the past few months, with the same settings and hardware, I click on "OK." The Halo title image loads, flickers, and after about 2 seconds the program crashes. I've sent the report to Apple, and searched the web - has no one found out how to get Halo working again?"
All other mac games older than Halo that I own work fine on this computer. So I am guessing that this is not a Rosetta problem but then it can be because somewhere Apple says that it "runs MOST applications" normally (sorry if i misquoted).
Anyway, the only thing left for me to do do is to format my disk and then try install Halo then. Currently dont have any backup disks (will be purchasing one in the next few days) so I will post the results back here once I have tried that.
MacBook Pro 2.16GHz Mac OS X (10.4.7) 1GHz RAM, ATI Radeon X1600 256MB VRAM


Well the MBP is Intel based so the PPC version of
Halo is doing what it should, that is crash. Check
this out
Thanks for the link. I somehow missed it throughout my hours of sifting through the forums for the solution.
The thing is that, with the exception of one or two people with the same problem as me, people actually managed to load and play the game (for a certain length of time before crashing); that is, at least get past the picture the shows up after you click the OK button in the Halo Video Settings window when you launch Halo.
After I encountered this problem, I tried out Warcraft 3 for the first time on this computer (just got my MBP this week).
Same sort of problem as Halo.
Tried launching and then it crashes. Didn't even manage to get to the opening cutscene.
Anyway, I erased and reinstalled my system and, lo and behold, I managed to load the game!!
Just wondering what the root cause for the problem is but I am guessing that:
-Since it loads a movie just after the Halo picture screen, there must have been some problems with Quicktime. Maybe conflicts with plug-ins or something.
-My video card drivers got messed up or they were not installed properly (maybe during software update).
These are some of the posibilities that I can come up with with my limited knowledge in this subject.
Anyway, just happy that I finally got everything up and running after a few hours. I recommend people who have a similar problem to reinstall their system. Hopefully this solves everything!