.m4v videos play jerky with VISTA

sound is OK, but video is jerky. These have been purchased from iTunes and they worked fine with Windows XP. I've tried all the troubleshooting suggestions on Apple support site. Anyone else have a solution?


Take a look here and see if any of the tips help:
Troubleshooting iTunes for Windows Vista video playback performance issues
The suggestions for Vista are somewhat different than those for XP.
Good luck.

Sonic Impact VIDEO-55 Compatiblity with Vista.

I spent the better part of two days trying to find out how to downgrade the ipod classic software to 1.0.2 so I could use the Sonic Impact VIDEO-55 using the Vista OS. Everything in these two posts are still in effect but the files locations are not

Video is jerky with iPad 2 using airplay or mirroring.

Is there any solution to this?Mirroring requires a lot more than airplay. I would check for interference using istumbler.net or net stumbler. Also ensure there are no other activities occurring on the networkRead other 4 answers

Videos are jerky

When I am editing in adobe premiere elements 10 I press the play button to watch but the video plays jerky. It isn't smooth. Why does it play jerky?What KIND of AVI files... from what camera? (exact brand and model) Read Bill Hunt on a file type as W

Quicktime  videos play with no sound ,no video after 2013 uppdate

i recently had the great idea to uppdate my phone and after backing up all my files to my IMAC. So now I cant 's watch my videos anymore. the videos play in quicktime  without sound and image- All the pictures are fine but the mov files are there but

Audio problems for online videos played with HDMI hookup

I have a pavilion dv4 1155se notebook with vista os, and i have been having some sound problems when i hook my computer up to my hdtv. my knowledge about computers is fairly limited so bear with me please. whenever i hook my notebook up to my tv (usi

Convert m4v Video to Play in Music Section

Currently I have taken several videos and converted them to m4v to play in the "Music" section of the iPod Touch but they will only show up in the "Movie or Music Video" section on the iPod. I ask this because American Idol videos that

Encounteri​ng with the problem of capable video play modules

I have owned a HP DV6 Pavilion Laptop , 4 years ago. Now i am unable to run any kind of games on my system which is bit irritating. I am a filmamking student so video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro shows continous error during the startup p

Why is my .H264 rendered video playing in IE with darker colours?

I have created a video using black text on a white background. When I use Media Encoder to export as a mp4 file, the finished video always plays in Internet Explorer with a grey (instead of white) background. My graphics card is ATI. My colleague tri

How do you create a thought bubble with a video playing inside on premiere pro CC??

Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew how to make a thought bubble with video playing inside it using premiere. I'm trying to create a video for an assignment and i want it to start off with someone dreaming and have the thought bubble pop up with thei

Video playing with no sound in iTunes, playing with sound on iPod

When I try to watch my videos on iTunes the video plays but the sound does not, it even happens on videos that I bought from the music store. The sound for my songs works just fine, just not for video. They work when I play it them on my iPod, too. A

Flash with vista giving terrible playback

Hi, I've recently purchased (within the last week) a new PC with Vista Home Premium edition installed. I've had my fair share of issues which has resulted in a couple of reboots, more Vista problems and compatability than anything else However, I'm n

Video play back choppy

The video play back is very choppy on itunes. I have read two trouble shooting topics about video play back but I don't understand them. I have vista. Do any of you have any ideas? Is the any phone or online support for itunes? I can't find any links

Video Podcast issue with iPod Video

Hi I just upgraded from 60GB photo to 80GB video and am having problems playing back some video podcasts. It plays back some but not others. The ones that don't work have audio but the video is jerky, i.e. it looks as if it is playing a still slidesh

Don't havre permissions to copy to ipod with Vista

I have a new pc with Vista. Have 90 songs in the library, but only about 27 will sync to ipod nano. All songs used to be there, but some were lost and now can't sync even after a restore and reinstall of iTunes. Error message "Attempting to copy to t

Video play list gone due to OS6

I had three different functional video play lists on my iTouch prior to upgrading to Apple OS6. They all worked through the Music App where one can select the list to play. Since the upgrade to OS6 my video play lists are gone. This is definitely a d

Robohelp with Vista

Ok so I read a post below by Dr. D that said "Also, I read this from Microsoft about 3rd parties cannot install Winhelp32 on their users computers??? Read this artical http://support.microsoft.com/kb/917607" So that article basically says that w

Audio hangs on all videos played in firefox after updating to 3.6, everything works fine in internet explorer.

sound locks up and repeats while videos play, sound resumes as it should after a second or so, happens once every few seconds while playing any video within firefox. (youtube) flash applications work fine. internet explorer runs all videos fine. let

HT1349 can music video play on itunes

Can music video play in itunes?The only time I had that problem was with a music file that was saved as a .WMA format. I don't suppose that is your problem since you purchased it from the iTunes store. How about dumping it (remove it from your iTunes

Canvas window - video plays back at different speeds from the timeline. Why

I've scanned 25 pages of topics but found nothing that mentioned this as a problem. When I play a sequence in the timeline, the video in the Canvas window slows down (and sometimes suddenly speeds up to catch up with the audio) About the audio, it so