Lumia app for pedestrian navigation

Since Nokia maps for Lumia is still years behind what we had in Symbian; what is the best map app for Lumia (WP7.8)?
I need offline maps, map rotating with compass and POI search by categories.


optiplex330 wrote:
Nothing? Apparently it was a vey stupid decision to buy a Lumia based on good previous experience of Nokia mobile navigation. Not even the third party-developers are interested in making useful navigation apps.
May I ask, what's wrong with padestrian navigation on the Lumia? I briefly played with a Lumia 520's HERE Drive and it seems fine.
I have no experience of HERE Drive, since it's still not available for WP7.8-Lumias, which was my question. And HERE Drive and HERE Maps doesn't either have the function of rotating the maps due to compass, if I understand it correct. I can not find that in the specifications.