LOV regions - possible to use several items as query-able criteria

I have a question about LOV regions –
Is it possible to have several items that are query-able criteria and result for a LOV region?
Addition to the LOV–input-item itself, I’d like to have another item that will be used as one of the criteria’s to the LOV-query.
I’ve defined the “Criteria Item” value for an additional item, which his “LOV Region Item” is query-able, but the value doesn’t appear in the search field,
When entering the LOV-region.
Do I have to add the additional criteria to the LOV by initializing the VO?
Thanks in advance,


Seems lot of confusion with LOV. Well first thing to do is to go through the LOV section of Dev guide for more understanding.
As for your questions, yes, you can have multiple items that are query-able criteria and result. You can use another item as the criteria to lov query, but it has to be a form element.
If your criteria is set properly, you don't need to initialize VO manually.