Lost formatting going from Pages to iCloud

I created a flyer in Pages, then put it on iCloud to share with coworkers. When I went to the link for the document inPages using iCloud, the thumbnail image of the flyer looks perfect, however when I open it, all of my formatting is lost. Borders, fonts, even positioning is all wrong! How can I fix this? I have the new version of everything, so I don't understand why Pages isn't compatible with itself. This is extrememly frustrating! I would upload the PDF, but it won't let me do that at all for some reason....


Thanks, I saw where you could save the PDF to iCLoud, but the formatting is still screwed up.

HT204053 going from mobileme to icloud?

I have 10.5.8 on my macbook, I have done the updates for this computer and now when I sync iphone and ipad it won't sync as I don't have icloud on macbook only mobile me. Please help me. ShirlIf you're iPhone and iPad running iOS 6 with your MacBook

HT5051 How can i from my ipad save pages to icloud?

How can I save pages to the icloud from my ipad?From Pages Help (Get answer fast) To use iCloud, you must sign in with your Apple ID in the Settings app, and make sure iCloud is turned on in Pages. Tap Settings on your Home screen, and then tap iClou

Since OS X Yosemite upgrade, cannot share document from pages in word format. Therefore document cannot be opened by non apple user.  How do I get around this please?

Since the OS X Yosemite 10.10.2 update to my iMac (27 inch, Mid 2010) , I can no longer "share" a document from Pages in word format via email.  It can be sent as an att but then as "Pages"  cannot be accessed by a non apple receiver. 

I would like to remove the pass code from my iphone icloud account. I hate having to log in every time ti goes to sleep.

How do I remove the pass code from my iphone icloud account? I hate having to log in every time my phone goes to sleep.Welcome to the Apple community. settings > general > passcode lock > off.Read other 3 answers

When I convert documents from pages to word, the format is changed partially and at times entirely. Any solution for this?

When I convert documents from pages to word, the format is changed partially and at times entirely. Any solution for this?Gig Harbor Tina wrote: ...Is it possible that the server at work is somehow affecting these attachments? I can't say, but if tha

Double spacing issue when pasting text from Pages

I have a Pages document with text that frequently paste into a message that is generated by the Dropbox iOS app when I choose the e-mail option within Dropbox iOS app. I'm trying to figure out why when I paste the Pages text above the defaut Dropbox

EPIC FAIL: why my document vanished from Pages?

I have been using Pages in iCloud via Safari. All worked great till today. Because today, I have bought Pages for Mac. And suddenly, my document has f*** vanished, after some another Pages restart. Where is document history, backup or some kind of cl

Question??  Backup Assistant - Going from BlackBerry to Droid

I am going from a BlackBerry Curve to a Droid X.  Do I need to use the Backup Assistant or can I connect the information on my Gmail account (Contacts etc) to the Droid X.  I have the BlackBerry Desktop Manager and use this to backup my phone...do I

Is there a way to import an outline from Pages to Keynote?

I have about 30 slides each with bullet points that I've outlined with indents in Pages. Is there a quick and simple way to populate this content into a Keynote presentation without having to manually create a page for each? ThanksIf you have Microso

Copy and paste user formatted text from Filemaker to...

I need to copy user formatted text from Filemaker to any text program that will maintain the formatting. Subsequently it will be going to an rtf. I have limited knowledge of Filemaker and Applescript (and I am not sure that Applescript is the right a

Going from iphone 4s to 6 want to know if i can save and or tran my voicemails and voice memos to put on my new phone

going from 4s to 6 can I save my favorite voice mails and voice memos to put on my new phone via pc or cloudIf you are planning to set up your iPhone 6 by restoring the iCloud backup from the iPhone 4s, your Visual Voice Mails and Voice Memos will be

Can I sync a document from Pages on My Imac to Pages on my IPad or IPod

Can I sync a document from Pages on My Imac to Pages on my IPad or IPod? If So how?This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much Dofer I was / am not interested i the icloud. behind the times!!! :<}Read other 5 answers

How do I send mail link this page with iCloud

I'm having problems sending mail link from safari with iCloud please. Please helpThere is an option to "Send Link..." in the File menu. Firefox does not have a built-in send page by email option.Read other 2 answers

Re: having a bean go from page to page

I have a bean that I put information into on the first page, it retrieves data from a database when the user clicks submit, and then the next page should pull the information from the bean, to set the text fields. <jsp:useBean id=".." class=&

Exporting an ePub from pages on a retina MacBook Pro the size is 10x that of the same export on a MacBook Air. Why?

I am exporting an ePub from a 57.6 MB pages file on my retina MacBook pro and the exported epub is 982.9 MB in size. Exporting the exact same file from Pages on my MacBook Air give me a 97.8 MB ePub file. Both machines run OSX 10.8.4 and Pages 4.3. A

Page and iCloud, Page and iCloud

How use Page with iCloud ??You will need to find a new hosting service - there are plenty to choose from - and upload your site to it. You can do this directly in iWeb '09 or above, or with earlier versions you have to publish to a local folder and u

Saving documents from Pages for Mac

I bought Pages for my Mac. I want to save my documents to iCloud. I do not have an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. So no iOS app. I have Lion. I read this: Use your computer's browser to visit the iCloud website at icloud.com/iwork, and then sign in usi

Copy object to clipboard from pages 5.5.2

I'm trying to copy a text box object from Pages 5.5.2 to the clipboard so that I can "open new from clipboard" in Preview, but it won't copy the object to the clipboard properly.  If I save the file as a .pdf, open it in photoshop, and do a &quo

How could the thief deactivate my stolen phone from my id/iCloud?

My iPhone 5S was stolen. Unable to locate via find my iPhone because was offline all the time. I set up lost mode and continue to monitor find my iPhone all the time. After 2 weeks or so, the phone complete missing from find my iPhone. How the theft