Lockups in new K7T-Turbo2 system

Need help with new system built yesterday:
K7T-Turbo 2 board (rcd as warranty replace)
786Mb PC133 SDRam
100Gb WD HD
Creative Labs Soundblaster Audigy 2
nVidia Ti4200 BFI video
Buslink CDRw drive/ Mitsumi Floppy/ Netgear LAN card
1) System will not run 133 FSB, recognizes processor as 1250MHz instead of 1667Mhz.  When I remove J17 jumper to select 133 the system will not even POST - nothing happens.  Put jumper back on (100 FSB) system will boot up.
2)  System locks up VERY often - every few minutes.  Can't even install windows - have started install about 15 times so far, but never make it through without locking up.  Even XCopied all files to HDD to run from there - no good.  Did get one install in (Win 98) though had to reinstall as it could not find system.ini on reboot after it locked up.
Have swapped out memory to rule that out, loaded "fail safe" defaults, removed CD/RW drives, unplugged floppy, etc. - cannot make this thing run right.  Components all quality parts.
Any ideas?  Was very excited about this system, now
just real frustrated after 2 late nights.  Lockups make me think motherboard related.


Well done - great jobs on recommendations.
1)  I put thermal paste between processor and fan and now temp has dropped to about 104f.  System stopped locking up.
2)  Removed jumper for 133FSB bus - and it now works as well.  System even recognizes processor correctly. System temp now up around 120, though bought an extra case fan (3 total) to help keep cool.
I never expected heat to make a difference like that.
THANK YOU so much for solving this without costing me anything.  Great Job!!