Loading Multiple Text files

Hi! I've got several archived text files - 040107.txt,
040207.txt, 040307.txt, for example - and I want to be able to
build a dynamic link which loads whichever file is selected into
the Flash movie. This list needs to be able to build itself as I
write new files every day and add the old ones to the archive. I'm
stumped. How can I do this?


If you are using XML to load data, then use the CDATA to wrap
the html text.
If you are using LoadVars to load data, be sure you do not
have any & in the text content. If you do convert to hex.
Bottom line is you need to trace the text you load to see
what you are getting.
Flash should show HTML if you have the
property set to true which is also done in IDE with "Render Text as
HTML". But you must use the
property to set the text.
Finally malformed HTML in Flash TextFields generally dies
like you describe.
You should be able to test the display of data in dynamic
TextFields with a simple Flash movie containing the TextField and
the text stored in a variable and then loaded into the htmlText
property. If it is not working there then you have to look at the