Loading long texts ( 60) into BI 7 with Z-tables?

Hello Forum,
I've seen many posts and questions regarding the problem of texts bigger than 60 characters.
Due we can't use the method of various text fields/attributes in one InfoObjekt, we considered using the document option of InfoObjects. Because there are many fields bigger than 60 characters and a lot of records, the number of documents would be huge as they were created by ABAP per character value of each record.
Is there another way or best practice to handle this?
E.g. an Z-table, that contains the whole data, and this table can be used in our web-template with an ABAP function of the customer extension item?
Many thanks and points for any idea.


no, unfortunately not.
We get some information that this is also feasible with TREX oder Visual Composer and HTML Docs.
I'll try to get more information.
As a new possibility we suppose to use standard text tables of sap, so we might use function module to read from these tables.
Now we are looking for another function module to write into these tables especially filling the format row.
If someone knows something about these topics?
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