Loading External Clips: Why is a new "instance" clip created?

When I load an external movie clip using loadMovie, or the
MovieClipLoader class, there is always a subclip named "instance"
followed by an instance number attached to whatever clip I am
loading the external swf into. For instance, I have a clip on the
stage called "container". I load an external clip like this:
"clip.swf" ends up in container.instance01, rather than
container. Is there a way to load a clip into container, the same
way using attachMovie with a local library clip would?


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So obviously in your clip.swf there is a clip at the top
level containing all your content and you haven't given it a name.
I've seen this before, but can't quite recall the crazy thing you
are doing that none of us here would ever think of.
Something like, you aren't exporting or publishing from the
file menu – instead you are doing some export directly from
the library?
That was the problem! I was exporting the swfs directly from
the library. For some reason when you export a movie directly from
the library and then load it into another clip a generic instance
name is created on top of the clip you are loading it into. When
you publish a clip normally and load it into another clip, it
retains the instance name. Problem solved, thanks!