Links in Web layer slice stopped working

I'm developing a HTML email the same way as I have for ages in Fireworks. Initially the links were saving fine but after I had created 4 of them, the next few simply won't save any changes. The 5th link will only save the ALT tage, no link, 6th link onwards saves neither.
I have found that if I close Fireworks and then reopen I can then save a few more links. Is this a serious memory issue?
I'm using Fireworks CS5.5 in Windows 7. This is a brand new install on a PC that is only a couple of days old. Nothing else running on an i5 machine with 4 GB of RAM.


Thanks for that. I followed the link in another post to contact support but after going around in circles for a while found no other details for contacting them other than via a paid support program. I have since had some success in posting a bug report after contacting support on Twitter.
As for not using Fireworks for creating entire web pages, again, thanks for your input. The web slices feature has been in Fireworks for a very long time over many versions. All I'm trying to create is a simple HTML email sliced up with links and alt tags. Is that beyond CS5.5? Certainly it's something I was able to easily do in CS4 prior to a recent upgrade. If it's not what Fireworks was designed to do then perhaps they should remove the feature. I use Fireworks because I'm a HTML coder, not a designer, and it has always provided a quick and easy means for generating code which I can then work on in Dreamweaver to fully develop. If it's no longer capable of that function then I may as well use Photoshop for everything. Perhaps Corel has a competing product.