Layout with Kawt

Hi there...
what is the best way to layout components by means of Kawt?
I want to make a database. So there are many labels and many TextFields, which should be near one another like this
Label: __________
Label2: __________
and so on...
Can anyone tell me how to do this.
I tried GridLayout, but it looks like this:
Label: ___________
Label2: ___________
So can you help me


The requirements for your application can be met by using the Item abstract class and using the TextField subclass to place it on a Form object. This will eliminate the need to use kAWT unless you have specific needs that cannot be met by the CLDC/MIDP 1.0 specification.
May I assume you are writing J2ME applications for the Palm OS device?
Allen Lai
Developer Technical Support
SUN Microsystems