Last date of invoice in report

Dear experts,
could you help me with inserting right column" last date of document" in this query?
Thank you in advance,
SELECT DISTINCT T0.[CardCode], T0.[CardName], T2.[SlpName], T4.[ItmsGrpNam], 
(SELECT TOP 1 T1.DocDate AS 'Last DocDate'
, T3.[Discount] FROM [dbo].[OCRD]  T0 INNER JOIN OINV T1 ON T0.CardCode = T1.CardCode INNER JOIN OSLP T2 ON T0.SlpCode = T2.SlpCode INNER JOIN OSPG T3 ON T0.CardCode = T3.CardCode, OITB T4 WHERE T4.[ItmsGrpCod] = T3.[ObjKey] AND T2.[SlpName] =[%0] order by T0.[CardCode], T4.[ItmsGrpNam]


SELECT T0.CardCode, T0.CardName, T2.SlpName, T4.ItmsGrpNam, MAX(T1.DocDate),T3.Discount
INNER JOIN OINV T1 ON T0.CardCode = T1.CardCode
INNER JOIN OSLP T2 ON T0.SlpCode = T2.SlpCode
INNER JOIN OSPG T3 ON T0.CardCode = T3.CardCode
INNER JOIN OITB T4 ON T4.ItmsGrpCod = T3.ObjKey
WHERE T2.SlpName =[%0\]
GROUP BY T0.CardCode, T0.CardName, T2.SlpName, T4.ItmsGrpNam, T3.Discount
order by T0.CardCode, T4.ItmsGrpNam

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