Last Date for customer transaction

Is there a SAP field which stores the last date for a customer transaction.


yes there is a field which stores the last date for a customer transaction
PS: Be clear in your question.

Flag deletion date for customer

Hello All, I have a requirement to get the flag deletion date for a customer on a sales organization level in a report, maintained in XD03/VD03 - Have written the below code. The problem with this is that the date is not fetched sometimes for a parti

Logical database PNP not retrieving data for custom infotypes.

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Copying data for custom includes in FB50

I have added new fields to FB50 by using the screen painter in SAPLFSKB screen 100. I created new fields in CI_COBL called ZZNAME1 and ZZPARVW. These now appear on FB50. The problem is, data that is entered into those fields disappears when trying to

Saving the data for recorded transaction...

Hi, I have created a recording for some data for transaction VA01 in SHDB. Now I want to save this data in recording to the database. What do I need to do that?You want to save the code that was genarated for the BDC? Now really sure what you are tal

BW Master Data for Customer Exit Variable Reference

Good day Experts, I have several queries that I would like to remove the hard coding of values on to prevent yearly maintenance. In these queries there are two conditions each condition is on different key figures that is amount by year.  The query i

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Dynamic Variant for File with RUN ID and RUN DATE for F110 Transaction

Hi Gurus, I have created DMEE and using this Iam creating a flat file using F110 t-code. File has naming convention TEST_<F110 run date>_<F110 run id>.TXT Ex:   If you execute program RFFOAU_T, we give input in the selection screen   Program r

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Hi to all, I am creating customer exit variable for query . query should display data according to current system year from jan till current system date. here senario is like that user never enter year and query will automatically will fetch the data

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Hi, I am new in developing on iPhone and I don't know much about this area. I would like to ask a question. I couldn't find the answer on this question in apple documentation but I hope Internet community will help me. Lets say I have a class called

Not able to execute custom transaction in Background mode

Dear All, There is a custom modele pool program to update the data in info type 9003. We have written a Z program in that we are calling this custom modele pool through CALL TRANSACTION with mode 'N' and update 'S'. Z Program is running successfully

Custom Transaction Types, Subject Profiles etc...

Hi all, Did anyone worked on custom Transaction Type on SDCR?  I know that this is CRM specific stuff to configure, but want to check what are the implications in modifying exisiting SDCR..  Well, in the meanwhile, we need to work on custom Code Grou

Menu for finding last date of Execution of Transaction or any program

Dear All, I want to know is there ant Report , Table or Function Module by which i can find out Last Execution Date of any Transaction or program. Pl let me know. regards, SanjayHi Sanjay, For transaction you ca ntry AUT10 update us to help you more,

Customer Exit for Number of Days from 1 st Apr to last date of Month Enter

Hello BI Experts, I have a requirement to count the number of days from 1 st April of current year to the last date of month entered. For example : The use will enter say July 2010 or 003.2010  (as Fiscal Year Variant is V3 ). Today is 14 July ...So

Last Dunning Data not generated for customer account

Hi Gurus, I have run the Dunning for a customer, it was successfully data generated to the customer account and able to see dunning history until 1st  and 2nd runs, but 3rd and final dunned but no data generated for the particular customer. In this t

Creation Of Custom Transaction For RF enabled devices "mobile data entry"

Hello Everyone, i need some information, or some material or some example's for creating custom transactions that will invoke the standard good issue transaction of sap from the handled device using the RF , so can anybody give some reference which w

Custom transaction for FBL5N

HI,   I need to copy the program RFITEMAR to ZRFITEMAR and should create a ZFBL5N. I created a ZRFITEMAR program and created ZFBL5N. When I am executing program standalone it is not giving any dump, but when I am trying to execute newly created trans

Custom Transaction for RSDMD

Hello Friends, I am looking to create a custom transaction for RSDMD (Master Data Maintenance) for a specific MDInfoObject ( say for example ZIO_TEST1). I did try following: 1. Used SHD0 - created a Variant.     I did see the message Variant "TVAR_RS

Error "Lock NOT set for: Deleting transaction data selectively"

Hi all, I am getting the error - Lock NOT set for: Deleting transaction data selectively, while deleting data from BPC cube in the backend (i.e. using selective deletion). What is this due to? Is there any setting that needs to be changed or is it so

Looking for a query to find first/last dates in overlapping dates...

Hi, I'm looking for a query to find the first dates and last dates in a table conaining overlapping dates. I have a subscription table which has for each Customer start and end date for different subscriptions. I want to know the different ranges of