Landed Cost not showing in Inventory Audit

I have a query that goes against the OIPF/IPF1 tables to locate all Landed Cost transactions for a particular item. To test/verify the query, I ran the Inventory Audit report for the item. There are transactions returned from the query that do not show in the Inventory Audit report. Is there any reason or circumstance under which a Landed Cost Transaction would not show in the Inventory Audit report. I checked against all warehouses. This does not seem to be a singular event in that I have found random occurences of this for different items yet the majority of the time the Audit Report returns all entries.


Dear Cristian
Please check the Following things.
1)First check audit report for a Single Product.
2)Select all warehouse in Audit report.
3) Check you landed cost entry if your JV not pass in landed cost, so landed Cost not reflected in you audit report. (Auto JV not pass in SAP 2005 Version)
Please check and Let me Know.
Mangesh Pagdhare.