Kin TwoM back in stock online

Just checked online site and see the TwoM is now back in stock.....


i did order online but they are sold out again online but i called today since my parents loved the phone and think the no data is great and you just have to dail *611 on your phone and they will ask you if it is okay if it takes an extra day or two since it might be shipping from a different area o and specify you want the kin twom and that its the m series  hope it helps
ps i didnt ask if the price is the same but should still be $50  o and if you live in ca your tax are based on the retail proce so its an extra $15 which i wasnt to happy about

KIN TWOm Availability

I am eligible for an upgrade on Thursday and have decided that I would like to get the KIN TWOm. The website says that it is temporarily out of stock. Is there anyway to find out when/if it will be in stock again? Thanks!I was told that they disconti

Kin Twom Questions

Two questions. 1 can you text to an email from the Kin Twom 2 Can you import contacts from a web mail account (windows live, google, etc. ThanksGo to the applications screen and tap Messages. Tap New, type the email address  you want to message, and

Has anyone found any way to read books on kin twom?

i know i ve seen someone ask this question but it wasnt really addressed the same way, has anyone found a way to read books on kin twom? whether it be through a google portal as i heard someone say, or any other way to do this, preferably without nee

Kin twom Wi-fi not working... really frustrated

I have a WPA 2 network however, when I try to connect to my wifi it says " can't connect to the NetPro network right now. try again later" I have not had the oppurtunity to try this for any other networks. However, I did try a random password fo

KIN TwoM  PIN problem......

so after i found out people had been snooping in my phone, i set a pin. five minutes later i fogot it (i do remember the numbers are 8 6 4 2 but i dont know what order) i hear this can be fixed? and after trying 9 different pins, my phone showed the

Anymore Kin Twom phone?!!!

Hi, I was wondering is anyone knows if they will be getting anymore Kin Twom phone's? I called last night and the customer service guy said they had some, then today I called in to order it and they said they didn't have any. I am so bummed, but am h

Kin Twom problem

Hi. I've had a Kin Twom for a little over 2 months now and it is starting to get really glitchy and turn off whenever it wants. When I turn it on, 60% of the time, right when i slide it up to use it it just turns off. I can not see spending extra mon

Problems with KIN TWOm: NEED HELP!

I am a new owner of a KIN TWOm. Originally i was a owner of a KIN ONEm. Now with my new KIN i have tried to create a KIN account and it comes up with a error saying that it can not connect to windows live right now. And then it goes to the social net

Kin Twom Charging question

I have been using Kin Twom for about a week now and like it. But been having some issues with charging. Problem is it doesn't indicate when the charge is full. Anyone else have this problem? How long have people been charging the phone for full batte

Canon 7D Body Only - When will it be back in stock?

I need to buy this camera and it's been out of stock.  It finally came back in stock yesterday - I went to order it today and it's back out of stock!  Any ideas when this camera is coming back in stock?Hi abruce1, I would like to start by saying that

Kin Twom Software Update.

This phone needs a software update immediately. This is phone is terrible. It turns itself off all the time and the volume does not lock. The phone cases for these break to easily so I went Just bought a protective cover for the screen. Anytime anyth

KIN TWOm and skype?

hey there everyone, I am curious if anyone knows if it is at all possible to get skype mobile on the kin two? thanks for the helpSkype Mobile is not available on the Kin Twom. Skype Mobile is supported on the following devices. Blackberry 8830 World

Kin TwoM- why are long messages split up?

I just got the Kin TwoM, and I noticed that my longer texts are being sent as many separate texts...much like it used to be when an AT&T user would text you a long message. Is there some sort of setting or way around this? Last thing I need is irrita

Contacts - Kin Twom

I can't seem to get my contacts from my old phone to my new Kin. I backed them up on Backup Assistant but can't figure out how to get them on the Kin. Any help?The thread was useful for me in deciding to purchase the phone. I have had the phone for a

Is the KIN TwoM able to send texts over 170 characters to other Verizon users?

So one thing that basically all Verizon phones have is Backup Assistant.  From what I read, the new KINs are the exception.  Likewise, it's nice to be able to send texts over 170 characters as single texts to other Verizon customers.  If you try to s

Backing up files online

Hi, Sorry I'm not sure if this is in the right section, its more of a Cyberduck question, but I don't know where to put it! I was just wondering, if I was going to back up a few files online, would it be more safer/private to keep them in a hidden fi

Are there any QR code reader's that work with the KIN twoM? Any web based appliacations? VZW based?

ANy help would be greatly appreciated. thank you!Well thank you! I just recently learned about them myself  because the company I work for is about to start using them. Many companies are utilizing these now and I bet youll see alot more in the years

Emailing Pictures from Kin Twom

I have the camera set at the highest quality.   when i e-mail (not MMS) the picture though the email app (gmail) the picture is only 50K to 60k.   Am I missing something, I thought I would be able to send the full image not a compressed version? Is t

Replacement screen for broken Kin Twom screen?

My daughter's one month old phone has a broken screen. We did not get insurance and I have not had any luck finding a supplier for parts online. Does anyone know of a place I can purchase a screen, so I can hopefully replace the broken one? thank you