Kik on the Ipad Air 1

I am trying to get Kik to work, or at least to register for Kik. Problem is, Kik is not made for the Ipad, so the app is very wonky. It's screen is half cut off, so you cannot click the "next" button when registering an account.
I am wondering if anyone has any ideas as to how to get Kik to work on the Ipad, at least to register. When registering it does this:
Asks for name, age, email ect and there is a next button on the keyboard that is supplied. but the final question for phone number , there is no next or finished button , and one cannot see the actual "register" button on the screen because it is chopped off.
Just wondering if there is any way to tell an Ipad to go "next" sort of like clicking an enter key? I am not used to using these Ipads! (is there any cheaty way to tell the Ipad to "ENTER" key?) or if there is a way to get Kik to function on the screen.
Thank you!


If I knew how to put in "spoiler" I would, but here are screenshots of what it looks like on my Ipad Air IOS 8.0
After clicking "Register"
Scrolling down to where I get stuck (hard to do, only little spot is scrollable) I cannot get past here
If I scroll down more:
So I assume the final button is to the right, because it is certainly not below. I downloaded it on the App Store under "Iphone Apps" because I could not find a it under Ipad Apps. Any ideas/suggestions?