Keypad Locked, Not accepting password after update??

I have a BB 8530 on MetroPCS (CDMA) network. I saw thier was some updates for BB protect and a bunch of other apps so i updated them. After the reboot, it asked me for my keypad lock pass and upon entering it, it would not accept it. I know that  what i am entering is correct as i entered it prior to the reboot.
i have tried diffrent variations of it with CAPs and symbols corresponding to the keys i KNOW are my pass but still no use. I am on 9/10. 
I have logged in to my BB Protect online and tried to change the pass from thier but it keeps saying the current password is wrong which is impossible.
Is there some deafult password it reverted to that i can try. I have tried everything.
Thank You


I heard somewhere that Rim is having problems with appworld and I think somehow affected you in this manner. They are doing some major update.
I could be wrong but just be a little patient.