Kernel error on startup after trying to backup with Time Machine

Hi there,
So last night I was using time machine to back up my macbook hard drive to my external hard drive. As this was happening, my machine was slowing down and such which I attributed it to having a couple of programs running at the same time as backing up. A little bit into this, I got the spinning pinwheel that would not stop or go away so I decided to let it go all night because maybe it would go away as usual. This morning it was still spinning so I shut down the computer. I didn't know if Time machine had finished or not. I tried restarting it an I got a kernel error. I tried to reset the PRAM and the NVRAM but I still got Kernel errors. I would try to do an archive and install of Leopard, but I left my disc in my dorm and I won't be able to get to it until next month. I do however have my Tiger start up disc that came with the MacBook when I first got it. Now I was thinking of doing an archive and install downgrade to Tiger just until I could reinstall Leopard next month. I don't know if that would be a good idea or not. I just want to make sure my data is ok by hopefully reinstalling Tiger to copy my data to my external HD. Is there a way to do this and not mess anything up? I don't think it's my hard drive because I already replaced it once to a non-Apple hard drive. Is there anything I haven't tried yet or should try again to try and get things going again?
Thanks so much.


This means that your NAS does not support the required encryption. Update your NAS to the latest firmware or ditch it and buy a Time Capsule (they are the most reliable when using TM).