Keep losing my songs and vids??????????  help me brother and sisters!

Hi there, please help. I have a 30 gig video ipod and when i put music and videos on it workes greate but as soon as i plug my ipod in to the computer to put something else on i loose other songs that i had on because i havent got them on my hard drive any more.! Is there a way to stop the ipod from updating automaticaly so i can just put songs on and the only time they will be removed is if i remove them individualy. Now im having to keep 30 gig af songs on my hard drive just for when i plug my ipod in so it doesnt deleat them??!!!!!! Please help the vids are about half a gig i just want to import them to ipod and remove from my hard drive knowing that next time i plug my ipod in to the computer it wont delete it cos it cant find it on my hard drive. Thanky u chaps x


When your iPod is connected open iTunes, click on
edit, then on prefences and click on the iPod tab
then click on music and choose the one that says
update selected playlists
Hi! I've got a similar problem with enough of a variation to ask further. I tried your suggestion to the above question, but suspect there is more going on. I have noticed many songs that I ripped off my CD's just vanish, although they are still listed in the iTunes library list. When I click on one of them I get an exclamation point symbol, and I've tried locating the songs in the iTunes folder on my c:\ but its no longer there. I suspect the iTunes program is telling me something about my music tastes! Can you help? Thanks!