K9A2 Platinum refuses to acknowledge any sort of SATA device detected to it

So this is the second one of these boards which I've gone through which has had the same problem.  The first board I ordered from Newegg didn't detect anything Sata, so I RMAed it.  Unfortunetly I get the feeling that either I'm doing something wrong, or that I just have bad enough luck to get stuck with two broken boards.
I have two sata devices
-a Western Digital 750gb HD
-a generic dvd drive
now I am certain that both of these devices are in working order, because I have hood them to other computers in my house and they function fine.  But for some reason when they are connected to this computer they are just not detected.
I've got a 850w PSU, so there is plenty of power for everything that I'm trying to run.
I just want the sata HD to remain a storage drive as I had it before, so I'm not to concerned with setting up any sort of RAID array.  I'm completely lost as to what to try next.


So I just updated the BIOS to version 1.7, just in case the older version of the BIOS may have been the problem.  Just as I thought this did nothing, but make the computer recognize what processor I am using.
I also tried resetting the CMOS and removing the battery for a few hours to completely reset the CMOS...this did nothing as well.
I've been searching around a few forums on the internet, and seen that this is acutally a common problem with these boards, and many people simply decided to downgrade to IDE, since the board actually recognized such devices.
Now, is there some sort of solution to this problem?