K430 model and mSATA support?

The specs for the K430 model in the PSREF sheets show an option for mSATA, but all the current K430 models show "none" next to this mSATA option.
Does this mean there is a mSATA slot on the K430 motherboard?  How easy would it be to add a mSATA SSD to this model? 
In particular, I'm interested in the K430-57308925 model.


just a note hchg, apperently i think msi uses Hitachi and TOSHIBA drives in all of their GS70 so it shouldn't depend up on country since Hitachi apperently is a quality drive so since your paying hige price for laptop which means you get quality hard disk it's not like msi would put WD drive or SEAGATE drive in any of their MSI models at such price.