Justify text in Adobe Acrobat 8 Pro

I have Adobe Acrobat Pro v 8.1 and I ask is it possible in Adobe Acrobat while editing justify text just like in Microsoft Office Word? I tried every options and solutions but nothing found to do that. I googled on internet about this topic and I found some picture (look below). On that picture see opened Adobe Acrobat (I don't know which version) with text toolbar just like in MO Word.
Which version of Acrobat could be with that text toolbar? Is it possible at all justify text in Acrobat?
Thanks forward for any help.


To make it appear, press "Ctrl+E". It's known as the properties toolbar and can only be active when you interact with an element (e.g., form field, text box) that allows you to edit. The properties bar changes depending on what type of element is selected and the context.
When creating a new PDF from a blank page, Acrobat allows you to use it, but as yoiu've found, when you save the document and reopen, it is no longer available. This is a special case and it will not work to change the text on a page with other documents.