Just bought a new iMac Sep 2012 - no iLife (iPhoto, iMovie or GarageBand) ?

I keep finding evidence on Apple pages and external sites that I should have received the iLife package already installed on my new iMac - purchased in the last few days (Sep 2012).
I have since upgraded to OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2 - still nothing.
I'm new to Mac - am I missing something?


Thanks everyone.
Turns out the iMac was already registered to someone else a few months before I bought it. It also kept crashing and freezing, so I'm assuming that someone else bought it, registered it, discovered that it was faulty then returned it... it was then sold to me as a 'brand new' machine.
I was not able to see any available downloads for the iLife pack as you need to register your machine before the free apps become available in the App Store. I could not register a machine that was already registered to someone else.
I questioned the store about it and they sent me another iMac right away - bit mad that they sold me a used iMac in the first place, but credit to them for sending a fresh one out quickly.