JIUHB TBred 1700+ and KT4 Ultra

this is my first time being in this forum  )
 I have a question about overclocking my new TBred 1700+ (JIUHB stepping) CPU on my KT4 Ultra board.
After i have installed the CPU on my board i changed the FSB to 166 MHz - no problem the FSB is running with 166 MHz  :P . Then i want to change the multiplier from 11 (default) to 12.5 -> nothing happens - the multiplier is still 11  ?(  When i set the multiplier to 10 also nothing happens - the multiplier is still 11. The cpu itself should not be the problem (the CPU should be unlocked by default) because i have bought two of them and the other CPU runs on an KT3 Ultra 2 board with FSB 166 and with a multiplier 12.5. Can anyone help me or tell me what the problem could be.
System configuration :
KT4 Ultra (Bios 1.30)
2x256 MByte RAM PC-333 (CL2,5 - Infineon)
Leadtek A280 TD - 64 MByte
80 GByte HD - Barracuda V


additional info :
in another thread ("Is my Athlon XP 2400+ Tbred B Unlocked? Please help!") i found the information that with the KT4 Ultra board the only way to unlock the cpu is the wiring trick.
@jkesa - is this what is to do when the L1 bridges are cut  ?(
@maesus - is there any hope    that this overclocking feature is maybe implemented in the forthcoming 1.4 bios to avoid such kind of modification like the wiring trick (other mainboards are able to do that)  ?(