JFileChooser not listed in defaults in BasicLookAndFeel

I have extended the BasicLookAndFeel class to create a new look and feel. After installing this class, I can no longer use the JFileChooser. UIDefaults throws and exception because there is no entry for FileChooserUI in the defaults table.
Why doesn't the BasicLookAndFeel class set BasicFileChooserUI as the default for FileChooserUI?
When I set that as the default in my look and feel class, it still fails.
Any clues?


Did you ever get this answered? I am having a similar problem. I have extended the BasicLookAndFeel and even added the FileChooserUI to point to the BasicFileChooserUI, but this does not work either.
UIManager.getDefaults.put( "FileChooserUI" , "javax.swing.plaf.basic.BasicFileChooserUI" );