JDev 9i RC2 Failure when trying to insert a row with DATATAGS

500 Internal Server Error
oracle.jbo.JboException: Need the datasource property defined if not used
within a DefinitionIterate, a RowSetIterator or a Row tag
This is the error message occuring when i do the following
I was trying to insert a record via DataTags (JBO Datatags in JDeveloper 9i
Release Candidate 2).
The following should show you the details
<body bgcolor=#CCCCCC>
<%@ taglib uri="/webapp/DataTags.tld" prefix="jbo" %>
<jbo:ApplicationModule id="am"
configname="PrevDoc.PrevDocModule.PrevDocModuleLocal" username="zode"
<jbo:DataSource id="ds" appid="am" viewobject="MicEindocView">
<p><b>MicEindocView Search Results</b></p>
<jbo:Row id="newRow" datasource="ds" action="Create" />
<jbo:SetAttribute dataitem="Efdsid" value="9999" />
<jbo:SetAttribute dataitem="Efdmandant" value="55" />
<jbo:SetAttribute dataitem="Efdwerk" value="00" />
<jbo:SetAttribute dataitem="Efdperiode" value='200204' />
<jbo:SetAttribute dataitem="Efdvssart" value='AWB' />
<jbo:SetAttribute dataitem="Efdvssnr" value='TEST WEB JODE' />
<jbo:Commit appid="am" />
<jbo:ReleasePageResources releasemode="Stateless"/>
These fields are not null fields in the database. At least this fields must be
Can you please tell me the reason why the above error occurs at any time??
I appreciate all your help on this issue.
Thanks a lot


Remove the closing slash in this tag.
<jbo:Row id="newRow" datasource="ds" action="Create" />
I am sure you meant to close it with the </jbo:Row> some lines below.
That explain the complaint of the setAttributeTag missing their context.