Jdev 11g Production: Connection Name FOD Not Defined (Tutorial: ADF Visuali

I tried out the following tutorial: ADF Visualization Components. I follow the step by step to install Jdev 11g and the FOD schemas. The step by step tutorial is helpful but ran into a problem in the beginning when I tried to run the FOD Module as stated. The following message came up when I right click the FODModule and select run, "Connection Name FOD Not Defined". I have created the connection as stated in the tutorial and can access the FOD database and see the tables.
I search the form and I don't see anyone else running into the same problem. Can any help me out.


try the following: Select the model project and expand it until you see the ApplicationModule. Right click the module and choose "configure" from the context menu. Then "edit". Set the database connection to JEE data source. Rin the app again

Bug- Version 8.0.10 (Build 25189) MacOSX Connection Name does not import

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JDEV 11g R1: Static Lov does not refresh on changing locale

Hello, I have created a static view object. Then created another view object that has an attribute defining a LOV using the former view object. In the web application I change the locale programmatically. I'm trying to set locale in ViewRoot, and als

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Dear Friends, I have deployed my WebDynpro application on a landscape where the production system got 4 server services running. Initially the WD application was using the existing JCo connections.  But on the latest deploy I have to use new JCo conn

Unexpected exception caught: oracle.jbo.ConfigException, msg=JBO-33003: Connection name is hr not defined

Hi, I am new to ADF and i tried creating a sample application. When i tried to run the application following is the exception thrown: I have checked the JDBC setting in my application module. It points to the hr connection that i have created. Reques

Database connection variable is not well defined

The following error message is in SIL_InsertRowInRunTable.log in Informatica WorkflowLogs directory Can someone help me to look where to start to troubleshoot? Thanks ERROR : TM_6292 : (4836|3912) Session task instance [SIL_InsertRowInRunTable]: TM_6

I tried downloading the latest OS X Mountain Lion and [after a long time... I have a slow connection] I got an error message ... The product distribution file could not be verified. It may be damaged or was not signed.

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ClassSpy extension SDK sample does not work with JDev 11g

I downloaded and unzipped JDev 11g. downloaded the ESDK samples via check updates. Installed samples and deployed them. When I UI debug classSpy sample , selecting jdev/bin/jdev.conf as a default run target , I get the following error. java.lang.Ille

Unable to implement Programmatic ADF Faces Tree component in jdev 11g

I have referred to the posts " [Back to programming: Programmatic ADF Faces Tree component|http://one-size-doesnt-fit-all.blogspot.com/2007/05/back-to-programming-programmatic-adf.html] " and " [Follow-up: Programmatic ADF Faces Tree in JDe

Problem :ant task "oracle:jaxwsGenImpl " on Jdev 11G Tech Preview 4

Hi, I am running an ant task in Oracle JDeveloper 11g Tech Preview 4 the Task is as follows : <target name="generate-from-wsdl5" > <oracle:jaxwsGenImpl wsdl="contract/wsdl/${SRC_WSDL}" /> </target> The Output is : D:\

STM meta data not defined

Server returning error 1 - meta data not defined It is not clear to me how to define the meta data used in STM.  I have created an array of clusters that contain a string.  I have named the clusters.  The STM VIs returns an error concerning the meta

Configure security-role and method permission for EJB 3.0 using Jdev 11g

The EJB 3.0 session bean created by Jdev 11g EJB wizard does not have ejb-jar.xml. Where and how can security-role and method permission for the EJB be configured? For example, <assembly-descriptor> <security-role> <role-name>managers<

Problem creating reference heap snapshot with JDev 11g and OAS10g

Has anyone successfully configured OAS 10g and JDev 11g for reference heap snapshots in the memory profiler? I have configured the server in opmn.xml and the client in JDeveloper. I can start the server and connect the JDev profiler and start and sto

Trouble running adf/jsp application in jdev 11G

Hello , I have just installed Jdev 11g on Win XP SP 2. Everything looks good, but when I try to run *.jspx file I am getting following error message: I appreciate any help. Thanks C:\JDev1111\jdk\bin\javaw.exe -client -classpath O:\OC4J\j2ee\home\oc4

Custom product launcher name

Hi, There is a way to set custom product launcher name on Oomph .setup files? Explaining... I'm defining a custom product setup, with predefined plugins, location, some preferences, etc., and I like to define the launcher name from "eclipse.exe"

Help please! UD connect datasource can not stay in synch with source table

I have been using UD connect to extract data from Sybase table views for 2 years already. As many who have used UD connect know it is very diffcult to get it to work. But I went through all that and at least it has been working fine except sometimes

Bug? using :: in connection name

I've confirmed some strage activity with certain characters in connection names using SQLDeveloper on a Mac Powerbook G4 10.4 .7 connecting to Oracle If I name the connection test::user and attempt to edit a trigger I get a jav

Hi sunil i used this code but showing error called (startingrow)compile time sub or function are not defined please

i wanted to update data of excelsheet to mysql database  but displaying an compile time error as sub or functions are not defined           -------------->(startingrow)     please help me out  Dim cn As New ADODB.Connection Dim number, nRows, wds_id,

The maintenance dialog for V_AISUSER is incomplete or not defined

I was not able to assign S-user for SAP Support Portal functionality from SPRO.  I received this error and my ABAPer didn't seem to able to help...would anyone ever got this error message and/or know how the resolution? The maintenance dialog for V_A

Party and service not defined error

Hi I have IDOC to flat file scenario and i have configured the reciever channel, receiver agreement,  interface determination (included operation mapping in ID), receiver determination and receiver agreement. I have used party for receiver communicat