Jdev 11g Production: Connection Name FOD Not Defined (Tutorial: ADF Visuali

I tried out the following tutorial: ADF Visualization Components. I follow the step by step to install Jdev 11g and the FOD schemas. The step by step tutorial is helpful but ran into a problem in the beginning when I tried to run the FOD Module as stated. The following message came up when I right click the FODModule and select run, "Connection Name FOD Not Defined". I have created the connection as stated in the tutorial and can access the FOD database and see the tables.
I search the form and I don't see anyone else running into the same problem. Can any help me out.


try the following: Select the model project and expand it until you see the ApplicationModule. Right click the module and choose "configure" from the context menu. Then "edit". Set the database connection to JEE data source. Rin the app again