Java Web Start not working with Proxy

I have Java Web Start program not listening to proxy settings. It tries to access localhost using our proxy settings, but with no user name or password. I'm wondering if Java Web Start has proxy settings somewhere. I'm not sure since when we disable the proxy settings the program works without issue. Any thoughts?


For instance Safari uses those System Proxy settings, Firefox uses it's own!
So Java is using it's own, now we're waiting for an expert to drop in!

Java Web Start Not Working

I am new to java and I am trying to learn Java Web Start. I know most of it, but I have a problem. When I post the file on my web server, it uploads fine. When someone views it though, it shows the source but doesn't execute! If anyone has an answer,

Java 1.3 not working with JDeveloper

Hi all, I'm trying to run an application with Java 1.3 and JDeveloper When I start up the application, I get this error message below. Can anyone please help? OC4J startup failed java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: java/util/IdentityHashMap    

7.03 still not working with proxy - while 6.5 did !

Hello, I am really annoyed. I tried to watch the special event, but my 6.5. player opened and told me that I needed 7 to watch this. So I downloaded it, installed it and No Go !! I am asked to authenticate against our proxy/firewall, I type in my inf

Why does Create PDF from Web Page not work with certain URLs?

I'm creating a large number of PDFs from Web Pages on Adobe Acrobat XI Pro and occasionally come across certain URLs that fail to generate a web page.  The process begins as normal but eventually the status window lists a few errors or canceled proce

Java Web Start (JNLP) getResource return null.

I have a Java Web Start Swing application and with the Java version 1.6.0_u27. same code run from jdk1.1.8 to jdk 1.6, more then 10 customers it's work fine, java web start only run on jdk 1.4.0 and jdk 1.5.0. just migrate one customer from Java vers

Java Web Start is not working on Firefox 3 Kubuntu 8.04 64bit

Hi, When I try to access web start demo applications it redirects me to download page. It is not working for both Firefox 3 and Konqueror. If I type form command line javaws it will start some policy editor, which I assume means that web start is wor

Unable to launch application with java web start (OILOM)

I'm connecting to a remote Oracle console from a server, using "oracle integrated lights out manager". I go to "Remote Control" and click on "Launch Console". After that, it download a JNLP file, called "jnlpgenerator-16

"Invalid Keystore Format" with Java Web Start

I got a user with a "invalid keystore format" problem He's running Windows XP and it happens when our java webstart application is starting up. He had a mix of java 5 and java 6. We uninstalled all his javas and deleted his c:\program files\java

Applet does not work with a proxy server.URgent

Hi, I have an asp page being hosted from a IIS server. The asp page has an applet which gets data from a server side component which is hosted as a service on the server side.For connection to the server I am using URLConnection object and trying to

Not getting application in Java Web Start

Hello Sir, I wanted to run an application using Java Web Start. So, I created a jnlp file and i have mentioned the necessary jar files and the main class file. when I clicked on the jnlp file, the application is running in the Server using Java Web S

Problems with Java web start

Hi All, I am facing a problem with Java Web Start. Which is the most appropriate version of JDK recommended for SAP XI? I tried JDK 1.4.2_04 JDK 1.4.2_09 JDK1.4.2_11 JDK1.5.0_01 When I click on Integration repository or Directory for the first time,

BI Publisher not working with Web Cache

BI Publisher not working with Web Cache I'm trying to enable BI Publisher to run from the internet. I have Web Cache (AS10g rel 2) in an internet DMZ, trying to work with BI Publisher running on a AS10g rel 3 server in a application DMZ. BI Publisher

Java 7 Update 11 Not Working with Firefox

For me, the problems described in the thread "Java 7 Update 10 Not Working with Firefox? " Java 7 Update 10 Not Working with Firefox? are continuing with Java 7 Update 11. Windows 7 64 bit Firefox 18 The problem is that "Java(TM) Platform&q

Why windows command prompt is not working with java

I installed java 1.6 to my computer (Laptop) and it is perfectly working with Netbeans and Eclipse but not working with windows xp xommand prompt It compiles the code but when it is going to run it throw the following exception Exception in thread "m

Classloader problem with java web start

I have created an application using java web start which runs fine locally, but when I package it as a .war and deploy it on tomcat it throws a java.lang.reflect.InvokationTargetException. The exception is thrown whilst attempting to access an extern

My ipod touch 4 stops playing and re starts itself while playing one tune from the 2011 Manheim Steamroller Christmas album.  It also will not work with Tony Bennett Duets II.  It calls each tune a different album giving it a different place in the play l

My ipod touch 4 stops and restarts itself while playing one tune from the Manheim Steamroller Christmas album.  It will not work with Tony Bennett's Duets II.  It calls each tune a different album.  All other music appears to work fine.  Both of the

Java web start error running Asset Editor or any jnlp page

When I try to launch Asset Editor or Import/Export or any of the jnlp pages that runs using Java Web Start, I get an error. Java 7 Web start starts but It throws "Could not connect to Server. Please check your Java Web Start and Browser proxy setting

Java Web Start doesn't start (Windows XP)

Hi, I've installed Java Web Start on a Windows XP machine. When I try to run an application or I try to open Java Web Start directly the "Java Web Start" splash screen appears for a few seconds and than disappears and nothing else happens. I hea

Java Web Start and JNLP Problem

Hi ! I�m a student and i need your help for a work that i have to do. I have an aplication that parse an XML file. The XML file is in ther server, and when i run the aplication with Java Web Start and jnlp file i want that the application parse a XML