Java Standart Edition 6 vs symbian

I noticed that the nokia n8 has Java Micro Edition, but there is no Java Standart Edition. In all android phones installed Java Standart Edition. For Java Micro Edition is the ability to write only small, minor program. When will be added full support for Java Standart Edition? It is necessary for write a serious, large programs and for compatibility android java apps with symbian


This is more of a developer question than a consumer question.  You may try the Java discussion boards on Forum Nokia.  If you do post there, you may want to include the specific functionality of J2SE that you are missing in J2ME so that more experienced developers can suggest alternatives.
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SAP NW Java Slim Edition Installation Error

HI All, While i'm installing SAP NW Java Slim Edition I'm getting below error(ERR-24936,ERR_DBNORUN: Database instance is not running). Could someone help me to fix this issue. Thanks, Chandra, ERROR 2006-08-19 00:06:53 CJS-00030  Assertion failed: i

Java Micro Edition and maps

Hello all, I have recently mashed together a desktop application using swinglabs JxMapViewer. JxMapViewer basically does all the map downloading, rendering, etc for me and lets me concentrate on my application. Now I wish to port my application to Ja

Question about Java Micro Edition

Hello, I am interested about writing a program for PDAs. These seem to be running the Java Micro Edition, so I guess this is a good choice. But what about programming the GUI with the j2me? Afaik, it does not support swing, and the specifications are

Java micro editions problems

I just installed the latest sdk (again) and all the appropriate packages to build micro programs. All my environment settings are correct (I'm almost postive) but when I try builing a .java file from the j2me wirlesss toolkit I keep getting the error

New to java: have to develop for palm, symbian and pocket pc

Hello, I am fairly new to Java. After a long time of searching for a technology which allows it to develop an application for Palm OS, Symbian OS and Pocket PC I am curious if one can do this with Java. I searched the Palm and Symbian homepages and f

Loading Java Applet Failed Error

Hi I'm using Borland's JBuilder 7 product. I created a simple project called "sinif_deneme". When I compiled project the program generated an html file(sekil.htm) I could see the output of this project in built-in browser of JBuilder but I could

Mac Java Download

After downloading minecraft i realised i needed Java. I cannot find a Download ANYWHERE!!! My computer is a Mac OS X 10.7.4 intel core i5. I need the java for this, anyone got a download link?You should have Java already. Check your version in Termin

Cut an image into A4 format pages from java

I have a large image. I want to cut it in several A4 format pages. How can I cut the image into parts from java? Edited by: SnScreen on Apr 30, 2008 2:55 PMThen get whatever-you-want-to-have's resolution and calculate the rectangles. Don't you think

Java number format exception for BI Publisher query

I have a data model thats working using one rtf template. Then I created a cross tab query rtf template and when the same data model is executed with the same parameter value, it errors out. here is my simple rtf template that I defined:      for: IT

Dosen't generate Client stubs; java.lang.NoSuchMethodException

I'm trying to do the sameple web services at I got error in Client Configuration Page (step 25) , when I clicked Finish, It show following error. Please help

Compiling *.java for cfinvoke

I'm trying to connect to a web service that uses complex-within-complex data types for its parameter. I am constantly getting errors trying to invoke the web service and it has been recommended by someone on this list (Mr. Andreyev) that I do the fol

I am getting an error when I run parameterized java program in Eclipse 3.1

When I tried to compile an example, java app, I this error. I checked, the jre it is using is 1.5. Could any one you suggest how to resolve this and why this problem? Exception in thread "main" java.lang.Error: Unresolved compilation problems:  

Problems with porting to Personal Java

Hi all, I'm currently trying to port a java application to Personal Java to run on the jeode jvm. The application needs certain packages from Java standard Edition, packages like java.util.Properties.class etc. However when I add this package to the

Some advice for this newbie please ... writing Network in Java

K, i'm new to Java, and i've hardly done much Object-oriented coding but I have the basic concepts. University modules too focused on C, Visual Basic programming. =o( Currently, on Internship, I've been tasked to write Mobitex Network in Java, poll-d

Query from mySQL java.lang.NullPointerException

I have compile and run the following code but it was an error (java.lang.NullPointerException) when I click the loginButton. Please help me, I don't know how to solve the problem. /* * * * Created on February 19, 2008, 2:50 AM */ package da

Any one can help me java card

Please check the following the following thesis are correct and check whether it is possible also If it is wrong please tell me what is wrong… Client side application software means is the one which run on our desktop…is it right Smart card host soft

Webdynpro java   popup windows, extranalwindows ,diolag window

anybody  send  link for   popup windows, extranalwindows ,diolag window         steps  to  create  popup window  in  webdynpro java. Edited by: venkatpvr on Sep 23, 2011 2:06 PMHi Venkat, Please look at [Popup windows|

Question about Java SDK 1.5.0 and mobile devices...

Hello, everyone. This is my first time posting on these forums since I usually find the answers I need from old threads (this place is VERY informative and HELPFUL). I wanted to know if it's possible at all to create a program from the Java Standard

Java.lang.Exception: DEBUG

Hi, Can you please tell the significance of these error message coming in the weblogic logs. java.lang.Exception: DEBUG at weblogic.transaction.internal.ServerResourceInfo.setState( java.lang.Exception: DEBUG at weblogic.t