Java Applet not loading in Firefox preview

I am playing around with the classic Java applet "intel
rotating 3d photo cube" and for some reason the applet won't load
when I preview with Firefox. It works fine previewing in Safari and
Opera and even works fine when I open the html file directly
through the finder with Firefox. What could it be? Thanks.


I have exactly the same problem.
(my config is
windows Xp Profesional
jre 1.4.1 03
I'm also using zonealarm as a firewall.
any Ideas?

Java Applet not loading

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every time i am facing the problem in java, if i install also it says Java is not installed for your browser. Kindly help me out .You might as well keep waiting - I tried to read your brainwaves but I couldn't detect any. So you need to actually post

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