ITunes Match Sync Issues - pls help!!

I have itunes on my PC and wanted to be able to play/access my itunes & playlists from my ipad mini, so i thought itunes match would help with this.
The problem is that itunes match only shows songs that i have recently purchased on my ipad or my ipod. My ipod is now useless as it is only synching the songs i have purchased since getting itunes match. Which are very few.
I have heard that i need to delete all my songs on my hard drive and download all songs from the iCloud as solution. Doesn't sound right. If i stop using itunes match, then i lose all my playlists. I can deal with that, but then i dont have access to my songs from my ipad either, which is useful for the wireless speakers that are around the house. Frustrated to say the least.
I am sure i cant be the only person with this issue. Hope someone can help.


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