ITunes Library on an External Hard Drive issues

I've read hundreds of forums, but none of them discuss my problem in a way that's at all related to mine.
I have two external hard drives for my iTunes library. I have iTunes set up to read everything from the two external hard drives, and it works fine...until the external hard drives get disconnected somehow. Sometimes when I hook up my iPod, they just get disconnected and come back a few seconds later, but by that time, iTunes has lost all the links to my thousands of files.
What is the simplest, easiest way to keep iTunes from losing those thousands of links. I have a TON of TV shows that I made myself that I HATE having to put into iTunes again and again and again and having to convert from Movie format to TV format.
I know there's a simple way. People talk about doing it all the time, but none of them seem to have linkage problems like I do. I'm getting so tired of having to destroy my entire iTunes library and rebuild it from scratch every day.


The article Zevoneer linked to has a very good explanation of the porcess.
One thing it dos NOT mention, is that you should assign a permanent drive letter to your exHD before you start moving/consolidating anything to it. Windows has a nasty habit of changing drive letters unless they are permanently assigned, like when you plug in a digital camera, it could change your exHD's letter and mess up itunes finding your songs.
Use these directions and the further down in the alphabet, the better. Like M: for music.