ITunes 8.01 not loading on Windows XP Pro

I've been trying to load iTunes on my XP PC and it wont work. I try going into system processes and it says iTunes is running a process (not application but process) and isn't loading any window at all. I've installed and uninstalled and restarted countless times, but the problem is still there!
I've also tried messing with the msconfig tools
(, but no avail, can anyone help please?!


If you have silent launch failure (i.e. no error message) AND iTunes.exe persists on the processes tab, here is a troubleshooting method.
It is intend to diagnose the cause of the problem and you will need to feed back the results of the various steps with error messages in full.
Troubleshooting silent launch failure in Windows XP
Before checking if iTunes works, restart your PC or close the iTunes.exe process with task manager if it is running.
A couple of simple things to try:
Stop the bonjour service, this FAQ has instructions:
But usually it is due to a problem with cryptographic services.
Check to see if you have your smart card service and that it is not set to disabled. For some reason iTunes needs it.
you should find the smart card service in the list. Report back with your findings.
Malware can interfere with cryptographic services and also prevent a resolution so it is important to check that your system is clean before proceeding: Run a virus and spyware scan with up to date definitions.
Then work through *Method 4* in the following link:
You should be able to copy and paste the individual lines to save on typing.
Make a careful note of any error messages you get, they are important for diagnosis. Report back any error messages especially the names of any dlls mentioned.
If there are no errors try starting iTunes.