ITunes 11.0 - no longer gives acurate playlist times

Is anyone else having this issue?  The new itunes no longer gives an exact count of my playlists.  For instance, I have a playlist that was 63 minutes and 32 seconds and now it just says "1 Hour", the same thing goes for my playlist that is 55 minutes - It now says 1 hour!!!  I sub at different places so every minute counts depending on the class schedule.  Help - I am a fitness instructor and I live by every minute!  This is a HUGE problem for me!!!


Its just the general dumbing down of iTunes.
55minutes - call it an hour
65minutes - call it an hour
so on
Of course it KNOWS the correct duration, computers are very good with numbers, its just that the brains at Apple know best and reckon that Joe Public does not need this info any longer
This update is a fail.