ITouch 2G Headset (Mic.) Problems.

I bought an official Apple stereo headset, and I don't know if it's a problem with the headset or the unit's input jack... but when it's plugged in, applications just stop responding and the microphone's connectivity comes and goes. I switched back to my headphones, and now it doesn't detect when they're plugged in (when you lower the volume with the external controls, the Volume icon no longer says "Headphones" and, even though I can listen to the music through headphones, music is heard on the built-in speakers simultaneously.


The iMac's Audio Line-In port is > Line level and will not pickup the weak signal from an un-amplifed mic.
To use that mic, you need to wire the microphone thru a pre-amp like the > MXL iBooster or use a > Griffin iMic USB Audio Device. 

Razer Gaming Headset Mic Problems

I have a Razer Kraken Pro Gaming headset with boom mic. The boom mic is not functioning on the line in. I have selected the line in from System Preferences, Sound. Any suggestions?The iMac's Audio Line-In port is > Line level and will not pickup the

Please help! Mic problems with Audigy 2

Hey everyone, I have a Audigy 2 ZS, and my problem is that whenever I try using my headset/mic combo it never fails that people can hear everything going on my computer as if I have speakers. Its kind of confusing to explain so I'll just give you a f

Help getting my headset/mic to work with my Audigy 2 ZS I/O

Hi, I have an Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro with the external I/O dri've. I am trying to plug my headset/mic into my external I/O dri've, however I can't get the microphone to work. I have used the headset/mic with my other computer without any problems,

HT201328 People can`t hear me during calls but i can hear them (probably *not* a mic problem)

I unlocked the iPhone From AT&T, its working well in browsering and i can hear people in calls, but people can`t hear me (even with earphones! it`s not a mic problem!!) help me please..I had the same problem this morning. I tried reset on phone a few

Re: Mic problems

message me back let me kno some options to fix my mic problems please skypewityh me i dont have head phones and only use the mic that the pc always used.i have an hp 2000 laptop with windows 8.1 installedRead other 2 answers

Trouble having headset mic work on GarageBand

I am having trouble getting the mic to work on my headset on GarageBand. It's a Cyber Acoustic AC-201 (most likely - I am unsure since I bought them way before I got my MacBook). Can anyone tell me how to set it up/get it to work on GarageBand? I mea

MSI P67A GD80 (B3) mic problem

gonna post machine first and then get to the point Mobo: MSI P67A GD80 (B3) RAM: Apacer 4GBx2 1333mhz CPU: Intel Core I5 2500 GFX: 2x SLI MSI 560GTX Twin Frozr II OC edition PSU: Cougar CM1000 Headset: Razer Piranha Speakers: Logitech X530 5.1 Keyboa

Mic problem with Audigy4

Hi, I got the Audigy 4 card recently, I install it; all works fine except the mic entrance combined with line . I bought a combined speaker/headset system from Ednet, the headset works fine, no the mic. When I set the gain knob to its maximum, I rece

HP Premium Digital Headset Sound Problems

Hi, I recently bought an HP premium digital headset mostly for gaming purposes, but when I tried to play my usual first person shooters, the sound comes backwards. So for example, i hear footsteps coming from the left, but they're actually coming fro

Itouch front side camera problem

On my itouch G4, the front side camera won't work. I can't take selfies and everytime I try the whole device freezes. (The front side is the camera on the screen). Thank you!Try: - Reset the iOS device. Nothing will be lost       Reset iOS device: Ho

Itouch 3rd generation battery problems

My itouch is acting a little funny. It is recently new and whenever my battery is emtpy and i charge it fully and I use it for at least 10 mins and turn it off for a while and turn it back on the battery is pretty much drained and I have to charge it

What about those mic problems with x-fi bra

Do you all peop mean that you all bought a deficient product and that none of you asked for a total refund?I mean, it is an american law, mayby an european law too, that whatever the product you buy, if it has a tengible defect, it can be refunded!I

VERY WEIRD MIC PROBLEM! After latest upgrade(23.4.A.0.546) Z2

Hi Guys, I've upgraded my phone to 23.4.A.0.546. After this upgrade i had problems with microphone on calls. Btw, every other apps using mic is ok. Here are the cases that mic does not work or work.    It's very annoying. Any ideas?    Sergio, I beli

Mic problems in Audition

Hey guys....I'm having problems using my mic in adobe....I'm running windows 7 64bit with a AT3035 condensor mic and behringer eurorack ub1002 mixer....I have the mixer connected to my laptop by rca cord with the red/white ends and the other end plug

Satellite L775D-S7112 mic problem

My microphone isn't working. I've never had a problem with the mic before and I don't know what happened as to why it suddenly stopped working but I can't figure out what's wrong. I've checked to make sure it was enabled and reinstalled to see if tha

MBA Mid 2012 - Bootcamp Win7: Headset Mic not recognised in Win7

Hi, I have a MBA 13" (only had it about a week...). I put bootcamp on and Win 7 x64 ultimate. All is working really well except when I plug my headset in, Win 7 only recognised the headphones. I have tried this in OSX and the mic work, its an Iphone

External mic problem.

Have a problem with my external mic, it simply doesnt work. I have no problem using it on any other computer but when i put it in my laptop it doesnt record anything. I've tried everything i could think of. Hp Envy 14-2090eo Notebook PC Windows 7 64-

MSi GT 729 Mic problem

Hey there    Just got my MSi GT 729 today and I can't get any input volume, if I shout people can hear me very faintly, if I up the boost in the Mic then all they get is static. Any ideas?Quote from: PanicAcid on 19-September-09, 03:05:23 Just uninst

Mic Problems On

Hello, i have a sound blaster li've with the front bay and sometimes my mic will work fine but sometimes when i try to use it all i hear is mass static and i have to turn down the tramit volume to fix it. Is there any way to keep this permanent, i ha