Item conditions

Hi experts,
in our system, we have have to apply discounts per items in some cases in sales orders.
According to some conditions (if customer is X and manufacturer's material is Y) i must apply  discount per item.
Is this possible? Or there is a way to solve this problem?
Any help/clue/hint would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


Many thanx my friends esspecially to Santosh.
I have created all the steps:
- condition table  with fields customer and manufacturer
- access sequence
- item condition (ZIC01) which has assigned access sequence. - condition apply to item, is mandatory and is discount or surcharge (percentage).
My problem is when i want to create a sale order.  SAP gives a message:
Pricing error: Mandatory condition ZIC01 is missing
And if i look to item condition the condition isn't there.
Does anyone know something about this?
The second problem is with condition table. I want to add another field to condition table:
Customer  |  Manufacturer  |  Discount
This discount should be in item condition ZIC01 if condition is satisfied otherwise item condition should be 0.
This is my requirment this is possible?
I give you an example:
Customer | Manufacturer | Discount
Client1 | Manuf1 | 5%
If a sales order is created for Client1 and if a material has Manuf1 than a discount (5%) should be applied to that item.