Issue with Invoice, credit memo

Hi Guru's,
A sales invoice was created in the for 100,000 and the value fields in COPA that were hit were:-
Billed quantity
phl volume
Quantity 01
sales quantity
Non-reporting WXX1
Other sale ded
other sale ded 2
Standard cogs 5
Standard price
Customer service needed to pass credit but a the credit memo was created for the full amount 100,000 of the invoice by mistake.
The credit memo hit the following value fields in COPA
Non-reporting WXX1
Other sale ded
other sale ded 2
To correct the mistake of the credit memo a debit memo was created (but with the wrong amount 50,000) and it also hit the same value fields as the credit memo.
To correct this my thought is reverse the debit memo with the wrong amounts and recreate the debit memo with the full amount bringing the invoice back to the full amount. Then re-create the credit memo which I hope then will hit COGS ? fixing and the showing the correct values in COPA? Or is there a better way to go around this issue.
Please advice.
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Thanks Kiran for response.
Let me clear the question.
GR posting detail.
Reference no - 12345, doc date 06/21/2008, posting date 06/21/2008, amount 1, USD, CC-100.
Can I post the invoice against the same detail using MRHR.
(I'm not sure what extactly MRHR verify for dupliacte entry because, I can post the IR if the I'm changing the docu date from 06/21/2008 to any other date.)
I'm able to simulate the IR without any error while using MR01.