Is there any body plays with tNG_FileUpload.class.php

i just want to send the direct file name when uploading i try to dig into tNG_FileUpload.class.php in triggers folder which in tng folder which is in include and i get tired
i need some body to share me ideas to get some thing good for any thing i mail me [email protected]
we need to share ideas to make great things right?!
is there is no documentation for those libraries?
thanks in advance.


There is Cake, but I have no experience. I wrote an article about Symfony, after I was tasked with maintaining a PHP application written with Symfony. A colleague has left the company and the application was given to me. Since then, I have left the company, so I am no longer in such close contact to PHP frameworks. The information about Cake can be found at I have no experience whatsoever with it.