Is my sr2024c failing?

I have a new sr2024c  that was acting up this morning.  It has been running reliably for the past two months.  This morning it appeared to be switching on and off every couple of seconds.  All the green connection LEDs (the ones with cables plugged in to their ports anyway) would flash on briefly, then they would all darken for a couple seconds, then repeat.  I "solved" the problem by unplugging the switch for about ten seconds then plugging it back in.  This switch is plugged in to a UPS along with a couple of other network devices.  None of these other devices showed any of this behavior. 
I have recommended that we purchase a new switch just in case this thing goes belly up. 
Has anybody else seen this behavior from this or a similar model switch? 
Is there any way to find out what might be going on with this thing?


Hi , I have the same switch for the past 6 months , until last week when they called me and told me that the whole company network is down , so I looked up the switch and noticed the follwing :
1. The server that's plugged to it had a msg saying that the network cable has been unplugged even though the network cable was still connected and the light was on on the switch for that port !!
2. All lights were frozen which means that the whole switch just halted or stalled .
Luckiley I had a backup to replace this one , I tested it later on the side and it worked fine but we can't afford that to happen again whenever it likes .. and I have two more SD2005 switches that are causing similiar Issues too , slowdowns , dropping packets .. so possible replacement or just looking for a different brand .