Is it possible to bill a Third Party Sale on GR rather than IR?

Hi, I would like to bill my customer as soon as I have had a GR notification from my supplying partner rather than waiting for the vendor invoice (as there can be a delay). The help text associated with Item category 'Relevant for Billing; indicator 'F' suggests this is possible ....
"You can make the control setting as to whether the invoice receipt quantity or the goods receipt quantity should be relevant for billing in the copy control for billing on the item level in the billing quantity field. (In Customizing, choose Sales and Distribution -> Billing -> Billing documents -> Maintain Copying Control for Billing Documents -> Copying Control: Delivery to Billing Document -> Item, then select an item category.)"
... but this doesn't make much sense to me as I don't want to create an outbound delivery, I just want to trigger the customer invoice (order related billing) on a non-valuated GR against the related PO .... is this possible?
Thanks in advance.


Hi Patrick,
if you want to bill third-party order before Invoice Receipt, then billing relevance FKREL must be 'B'.
In customizing copy control the Billing quantity indicator should be 'E'.
Please test hese settings.
Best regards,

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