Ipod Touch is working only when plugged to a charger.

    I haven't been using my Ipod for over a month. It wasn't used by anybody at all to be specific. Yesterday, I got it back and tried to use it. First it was charging for about 40 minutes, but after this it turned on and worked correctly. I left it charging a few hours more, and when I came back, unplugged it, Ipod wasn't working. I plugged it back, magic, it's working again. So I left it charging over the night, but when I checked it today's morning it gave the same results. Maybe You've got some solutions i could use.
2 Important things:
- It works only with a wallcharger, not with a computer cable.
- I wouldn't like to go to a service because my warranty has expired.


You can try resetting it by holding down the home and sleep keys, past the power down, and until you see the silver apple logo. Let it reboot and then let it charge and see if it holds the charge. If it doesn't then your battery may  have died. Afraid that isn't user servicable. You can either take it into an authorized repair place or you can take it to a third party repair shop. Using hte  non-authorized place will void your warranty, but if your warranty is done like you said, then it may be cheaper and doesn't matter as much.